Property Growth Planning & Management

SG Real Estate offers property growth planning & management. We are a full-service property service & solutions provider located in Singapore.

Have You Ever Wondered?


Rising cost of living and medical, do you have enough money to retire at age of 65?


How can you really own multiple properties like the rich?


How can you have financial freedom and passive income at the same time?


Is your fully paid or almost fully paid HDB a dormant asset & capital?


Is it possible for a household monthly income of $7,000 to $10,000 to upgrade to private properties and have passive income from investment properties? 


Why are people still buying properties and paying 12 to 20% ABSD?

Is Achieving This Possible For You?

Eddy Profile

"I will answer all questions and share with you everything necessary to achieve this."

Wai Keong – SG Real Estate Founder & Director

Property Wealth Planning

A safe and achievable plan to help you accumulate wealth quicker.

Financial Analysis

An in-depth analysis of your financial condition and providing advice on the choices available to you. All the cost involved will be presented to you clearly in an easy to understand manner.

Investment Proposal & Strategies

Proposing of property suitable for you and your needs, as well as methods available to you.

Investment Road Map

Plan for your property investments for the next 10 to 20 years. Guide you through every step.

Using Our Experience, We Will Guide You!

Achieve Financial Freedom

Working towards a financially and worry free future.

Grow Your Property Portfolio

With safe and proven property growth planning, insights and a systematic roadmap.

Generate Passive Income

With low risk, minimum or zero additional financial commitment.

Maintain Rainy Days Reserve

A healthy and financially prudent cash reserve set aside for rainy days.

Retire Earlier

Provide your family with a secure financial safety net.

For Current Property Owners, Let Us Help!


A free report on the financial health of your property and property portfolio.


Determine if you are gaining the maximum capital gain and rental yield.


Restructure your property portfolio for better growth having the maximum gain and value.

Take Action Now!

Start by getting a 1 time free consultation to transform and work towards a better life which you deserve.

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